Our Story

Like you, horses are the love of my life. I’ve spent nearly two decades travelling the country, chasing the dream, training and competing horses.

With roots that go back to Pony Club days I’ve got a deep appreciation for the proper way to do things (You should see me herringbone rake a barn yard!) I’m also passionate about keeping things close to nature in the barn and letting horses be horses. That’s what led me to start Sporthorse Apothecary.

An eventer by trade, I got my start riding anything and everything I could strap a saddle on. I guess you could say everything changed when I went down to Aiken, SC the winter of 2004 to ride for Full Gallop Farm and compete my small string of eventers. I got a job galloping racehorses at the local training center to pay my entry fees and the rest was history. The thoroughbreds had stolen my heart! I’ve been travelling the racing circuit from Florida to Kentucky to New York campaigning awesome equine athletes on the world’s largest stage ever since.

When I got my own racehorse, I couldn’t fathom stepping in to the pharmaceutical culture that’s so prevalent at the track (and let's face it, the show grounds too), but the lifestyle a racehorse leads is far from the one nature intends. So I began looking for a way to treat the ailments my horse had and get her to the winner’s circle, without sacrificing her long term health to do so.

Enter the awe-inspiring power of HERBS!   With the help of an herbalist friend (who’s also the son of the oldest living racehorse trainer to visit the winner’s circle) I began experimenting with various herbs and energetics, finally perfecting the balance of our proprietary formulas.

Our formulas have been being used successfully by dozens of trainers at the track for nearly a decade…battle tested and proven under the most extreme circumstances a horse can encounter!

These potions aren’t magic, but you’re going to think they are.
Just like true collection comes from behind, true healing comes from within. With pharmaceuticals and lab-created supplements, you target only symptoms, creating further imbalance in the whole horse, often leading to undesirable side effects. With these herbal formulas, you’ll be strengthening your horse’s body, engaging it to heal itself. It’s optimum health for your horse, naturally.

So take a deep seat, a long hold, and keep a far away look in your eye! I can’t wait to hear how the Sporthorse Apothecary has helped your horse!!