Our Story

At Sporthorse Apothecary, we believe there is a better way to bring out the best in our equine companions. A more natural, less invasive way where we address the underlying causes for issues rather than simply focusing on symptom elimination. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help equestrians achieve it. We focus on herbs and botanical ingredients. Nature holds some of the most powerful and truly beneficial ingredients available, and we see that as an opportunity: We're excited to put together formulas for the ailments that plague the modern sporthorse.

These potions aren’t magic, but you’re going to think they are.
Just like true collection comes from behind, true healing comes from within. With pharmaceuticals and lab-created supplements, you target only symptoms, creating further imbalance in the whole horse, often leading to undesirable side effects. With these herbal formulas, you’ll be strengthening your horse’s body, engaging it to heal itself. It’s optimum health for your horse, naturally.